Retractable Roofing

Retractable Roofing Manufacturer in Kenya, Retractable Roofing Suppliers in Kenya, Retractable Roofing in Kenya. RETRACTABLE ROOF Lightweight, easy and soundless movement. Leak Proof and can be Air conditioned. Non-Corrosive parts made of Aluminum and stainless steel. UV Protection - High-quality Polycarbonate Sheets. Manual/remote controlled with Electric powered motors. Can be integrated with a home automation system.

Automation of Systems Roofing and Blinds adds a completely new dimension to the functionality and use-ability of Retractable awnings & roofing. When Roofing develop 'Artificial Intelligence' and become self operational to control and maintain ambient light and temperature inside a room or building.


Handling Turnkey Projects & Supplying Retractable Roofing in Kenya.